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    Support for Windows Server 2012 Services

    Jeff St. Louis

      Can you give us an idea as to when Windows Server 2012 services (DHCP, DNS, AD, etc) will be supported?  As a Microsoft customer with an enterprise agreement with SA, we plan to upgrade our infrastructure services in the first quarter of 2013 to add some additional functionality, and don't want to break IPAM when we do so.  Having been Released To Manufacturing since August 1st of last year, we'd like to think this has been on the radar at SolarWinds.  The core functionality hasn't changed, though things like the active-active HA pair for DHCP is new.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Have a great day!

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          Hi Jeff,


          we absolutely aware of that and currently working on testing 2012 DHCP & DNS services. IPAM 3.1 was not officially tested on MS 2012 DHCP and DNS but so far our QA haven't found any problems when managing 2012 version. I can't give you any specific date when we will officially and our testing of MS 2012 for IPAM but if it's critical for you now to manage your services I would suggest to try IPAM 3.1 on some lab/temporary environment to validate if all tasks works as expected.