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    Why should SolarWinds servers be physically separate from the SQL server?


      I have a client who is asking for a technical explanation as to why they shouldn't keep their SolarWinds servers and their SQL database on the same physical server. I have cited the Orion DB Best Practices document and the Orion Administrator Guide that state, SolarWinds strongly recommends maintaining SolarWinds servers as physically separate from your SQL server. ”, but no explanation really backs this up. I also found this previous post, but I don't feel the answer is thorough enough.  If the customer houses the SQL database on a separate drive on the same server and only allows SQL to use half of the available RAM, will this still result in poor performance? The client feels that they should get better performance this way because they're eliminating a significant amount of network traffic. My gut tells me that they will still potentially experience poor performance if the database is not physically separated, but I can't explain why.