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    NPM users who use Scheduled Discovery--we want to talk to you!

    Kellie Mecham

      The User Experience (UX) group is getting ready for lots more user feedback sessions in the near future. 


      If you are an NPM user who currently uses Scheduled Discovery (or would like to start using it), and you can spend about 60-75 minutes with us any time between Tuesday, January 8 and Friday, January 11, 8am Central time to 4pm any of those days--then we'd like to talk to you!  If you've never participated in UX  feedback sessions before, it's really your chance ot give us your input on features in development and really shape the products you use.  Plus--you get 2,000 thwack points for participating!


      To find out more or schedule some time to participate, email me directly at kellie.mecham@solarwinds.com.