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    NPM 10.4 Hot Fix Release Notes


      I am in the process of upgrading to NPM 10.4.  I have noticed that there are 3 Hot Fixes that have been released for NPM 10.4.  Where can I find the Release Notes or other documentation for these Hot Fixes?  Also, do I need to install all 3 Hot Fixes or is Hot Fix 3 cummulitive?

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          Hotfix release notes are in the .zip files that contain the fix.  Usually a hotfix is not cumulative as they are file replacements and not executable files.



          Matthew Harvey

          Loop1 Systems


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            Hello lross94,

            As mharvey said, hot fixes aren't usually cumulative. But this time is exception and Hot Fix 2 is included in Hot Fix 3, so you don't need to install all 3 hot fixes. Hot Fix 1 is fixing different issues than Hot Fix 3 depends on your needs. Here is description what is addressed in Hot Fix 3:


            - NPM stops storing polled data, causing Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) to grow excessively. The SolarWinds DataProcessor service keeps adding threads.

            - vCenter polling is not able to store data to the SolarWinds database in case of large vCenter infrastructure


            This fix requires SolarWinds Orion NPM 10.4.

            It is recommended to install this hotfix on both your main polling engine and all additional polling engines.



            - You do not need to install this HotFix if you are not experiencing this issue

            Documentation is included in zip file.

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              Thanks for the information guys.  I really appreciate it!