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    Select Expert - Case Variations

    Larry Giveans

      How are multiple case variations handled in the Report console Select Expert?  I"m running an 'Authentication - Log On / Off / Failure' report and want to single out a user. I'm trying to use {authaudit.destinationaccount} and I realize that Select Expert is case sensitive.  When I use for instance *BRichards* I get 5 pages of results and when I use *brichards* I get 17 pages of results.  How do I combine these case variations in a single Select Expert filter to get both variations in the same report?  Although the filter itself is case sensitive the GUI doesn't want to let me add these two different variations using the Is Like or Is One Of conditions... nor will it let me add a second {authaudit.destinationaccount} field. 


      What am I missing???

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          nicole pauls

          I think you're running into an issue that lives between the LEM database and Crystal Reports. The LEM database search itself is case insensitive, but Crystal Reports is doing some additional filtering according to your select expert filters that are turning around and making the searches case sensitive. We've seen this in a couple of other customer-reported cases as well. Since this is a "feature" of Crystal Reports, we haven't tracked down the override and resolution yet.


          Unfortunately, we're not aware of a workaround in Reports to avoid this situation. To avoid the duplicate entries problem, you could try making them two slightly different variations of the same thing - "like *brichards* or *BRichards**" for example (or *BRichard*, etc).


          Another alternative, depending on what you're going for, is to search using nDepth (Explore > nDepth). Searching for Username = *brichards* or Auth Audit Alerts.DestinationAccount = *brichards* should do it.