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    Netflow data post WAAS optimization


      I am trying to capture Netflow data from a 2951 router with a Service Module SRE that has WAAS installed. WCCP is used to redirect traffic to the WAAS. We are running Orion NPM 10.4 My problem is trying to get accurate netflow data. By accurate data I mean data going out over the WAN which is post WAAS optimization.


      I have enabled Netflow on only the WAN multilink interface but the traffic reported by Orion is equal to the uncompressed data reported by WAAS. When I enable Netflow on only the LAN GigabitEthernet interface again it appears I am still seeing uncompressed data.


      Has anyone worked with an SRE configuration on a router and successfully configured netflow so that Orion reports post WAAS optimization data?