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    smnp or nprobe on netflow traffic analyzer


      hi guys, first of all i got to say sorry for my bad english.


      the thing is that i have 1 server whit solarwinds, and i need to control the network trafic.


      i got 1 server whit solarwinds and 5 computers with win 7, all conected to a 3com baseline 2016 switch.

      i configured snmp on win 7 computers and im able to see the cpu, disk and memory usage, etc. also i can see the interfaces on netflow when i manage sources. But no traffic is show on any of this computers.


      it display the next message:

      Details for interface 'xxxxxxxxxxxx' are not available because NetFlow and CBQoS data are not available.

      whats my problem???


      i need to use nprobe???

      how i configure it?


      thaks guys and again sorry for my english