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    Add IP Address Column


      I wouldn't think this would be hard to do, but I just can't find the right option. All I would like to do is add a column to the Details View of a Device that displays the IP Address. I've tried adding every option that says IP Address/Domain Name and Server Name/Primary IP Address but they are all blank and don't display the IP address. If I click on an individual device, then Dashboard view, I see the IP address listed as Address under Details.


      I just want to see the IP Address next to the Display Name. I guess I could edit the display name to include the IP Address, I just thought there would be an easier builtin way to do this.




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          EDIT: Oh wait, this is for IPMonitor. My solution is for NPM's web console and such, don't know if it'll work for your issue.


          There is no way for it to be displayed at the top with the Node Name, but there are plenty of places where it can appear.


          First, it appears already in the default tooltip for the nodes. Just hover over a link to that node before clicking and going into the detail page, and it should have a box that displays status and IP.


          The other- if you want it to display as a resource- is slightly tricker. You can edit the name and subtitle of the resources, and by using ${VariableName}, you can substitute it with a something like ${IP_Address}. This works the same as with alert actions and report writer; it'll automatically populate it if it is an attribute of Node/Interface/etc.That said, there isn't really just a custom text box resource, but I suppose you can use a Custom Properties with only Comments or something as a workaround.