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    ESXi Host does not appear in Virtualization Summary


      I have added my vCenter server and 'supposedly' all of my VMware/ESXi hosts into inventory using Network Sonar Discovery. Everything was found perfectly, and when browsing Settings > Node & Group Management > Manage Nodes.. *sort by Vendor* > VMware.. I am able to see all of my ESXi hosts as well as vCenter.

      Then when looking at the Virtualization Summary page, I am only able to see 2 of the 3 ESXi hosts.

      I have removed everything and added it all back, starting with vCenter. I've stopped and restarted polling on the host that is being excluded. And I have refreshed every possible process/thing I could find... I am at a loss.


      Has anyone else experienced this & if so what did you to to fix it? Also, the host being left out is in the same cluster as the hosts appearing in the Virtualization Summary page. There is no difference between any of my hosts or how they are managed by vCenter.