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    Agentless performance monitoring for DAS, NAS and SAN


      Hi there,


      I've opened a support ticket, but in the meantime I feel for posting my question here, so everybody can react.


      I'm currently evaluation Storage Manager, which seems to be a great and promising product.

      As I'm about to migrate to a new consolidated infrastructure (blades, network and SAN Storage), I have several needs :


      1/ Get figures about current infrastructure.


      What I've collected so far :


      SitePhysical serversNetwork devicesStorage (Tb)ESXPMVM
      A59149 1049135
      B8652 48226
      C4620 44215
      D21N/A 0210
      E34 102483


      As the project consists of consolidating everything on a single infrastructure, I need accurate information regarding total IOPs/sec and Tb on each site, so I can purchase the right SAN solution.


      2/ To be able to manage Storage and Virtualization growth


      Here I'm clearly challenging vmware's solutions (vCenter Operations Manager / CapacityIQ). I don't own any license at the moment, so I feel for savings some bucks with alternate solutions, which may work with Hyper-V as well.



      As stated on the website (and the topic), Solarwinds claims agentless performance monitoring for DAS, NAS and SAN.

      Here comes my problem :


      I can't find any information about collecting performance information without agent for my servers with DAS (over 95% of windows boxes, 5% linux boxes)


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.