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    SNMPv3 Trap / Trap Viewer


      Hello all,

      I've recently upgraded to solarwinds NPM 10.4, and am having some issues with SNMPv3 trap collection.  I'm receiving the message under alerts - "bad trap packet received from node X.X.X.X, decryption of the incoming packet failed, local user credentials are not the right ones, or the packet is malformed".

      Everything tests fine in the node configuration, it looks as if the nodes are being monitored properly, but I don't see any traps in the trap viewer being generated.  I know my devices are sending the traps, but I'm not sure what's happening afterwards.

      Anyone seen anything like this in the past, and can point me in the right direction?


      My SNMPv3 configs look like this -


      snmp-server group Solarwinds v3 priv read adminview

      snmp-server view adminview internet included

      snmp-server user adminsolarwinds solarwinds v3 auth sha adminpasssword priv des adminpassword


      I can verify, and add devices to the Network Performance Monitor, but I don't see any traps being sent in the trap viewer.  Something is most definately not right, I just can't figure out what it is.


      Thanks -