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    How to cause SNMP monitored volumes to put a device in warning when they fail




      Recently one of our server's had an HDD fail - now we monitor this server with Solarwinds Orian and NPM via snmp - and the volume are added and their usage is monitored and reported accurately in solarwind's web interface.


      What ended up happening is when the hdd failed (Which we were unaware of for 2 days) it stopped reporting new information in solarwinds, however continued to be listed as an active volume. When you click on the volume to drill down into it - it reports "No information to display" in all of the charts.


      Now my concern is we are utilizing this software to monitor our servers and network - and while so far it has performed flawlessly as far as network monitoring goes it is critical that is lets us know when a volume disappears  In this case when i click "List resources" the drive no longer exists, however the device is still "Green" and there was no warning etc.