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    Old version of FTP Voyager - where to download?


      Hi everyone,


      a long time ago I bought a license for FTP Voyager 15.x and I was very happy to hear that from now on it will be free.


      So I went ahead to upgrade to the latest version. Unfortunately it still shows evaluation messages but this is already dealt with in another thread.

      The bigger problem is that I can't access my saved server profiles any more. It's only possible to import .csv files and I didn't create these files before upgrading.

      I uninstalled and tried to download my paid 15.x version in the client area on ftpvoyager.com where it used to be but now it only redirects to the new version.


      This is bad because my server list was really huge and I don't want to enter all server details again.


      So is there any way to get a copy of an old setup file?


      Thanks in advance!