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    IPAM 3.X


      I am hoping someone can tell me if the following situation really occurred.  Here is what happened:  I had IPAM installed on a virtual machine.  I added my two dhcp servers to IPAM.  This was done some time ago.  Lately it has not been running very well.  I decided to remove the dhcp servers.  I removed them along with all the subnets.  I shut down the server and then deleted the virtual machine.  Later on,  our help desk started getting sporadic calls from users who could not log onto the domain.  After several calls, the dhcp servers were checked.  All of the dhcp scopes were gone.  Is it possible that my deleting the dhcp servers and scopes from IPAM also deleted the scopes from the dhcp servers????? 

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          When you are removing DHCP server from IPAM, there is a checkbox "Remove scopes from DHCP Server". My only explanation is, that you checked it, when you removed those servers from IPAM.

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