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    Unknown added ASCII char in custom properties on web


      I added a custom properties called "external ip" which had the external ip4 and subnet of the device through the custom property editor (10.3). Everything looks fine from there. However, when copy + pasting from the web console -> node details page-> custom properties for nodes  an extra "invalid" ascii char appears after the first char of the last quartet. (ie.[]23/24) This does NOT appear when c+p from the custom property editor or the edit node page.


      This char isn't displayed in most browsers, but when pasted into command line, we get the '?' char denoting that their is something hidden in there.


      Anyone else have this problem or how to fix it? Though mostly just annoying, I am somewhat worried it might be more widespread than this instance and could corrupt our data being displayed on the web console.


      Pic displays how it appears on the web console (marked out save the last quartet) and how it appears when c+p into the command line.



      Edit: Bit more info-

      Web console viewed from Chrome, but same issue with IE.


      Character is apparently a white space char called "Zeo Width Space" with Unicode 200B. Appears also between the I and P in External IP.


      Only appears in the Custom Properties for Nodes Section- doesn't matter if I move it around or resize it and such so doesn't look like it's a layout problem.