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    Integration of LEM with Orion NPM


      To quote the "What are we working on now" thread for LEM from 2011:



      "SolarWinds Orion Platform Product Integration: Escalating Events from LEM to Orion via SNMP Traps

      Since we're in the business of what makes sense to customers, we're also adding the ability to go the other direction and share events from LEM upstream to Orion via SNMP traps. This feature can also be use to escalate to non-SolarWinds products - if you've got a trouble ticketing system or other network management system that accepts SNMP traps as alerts, you can escalate LEM events up to those systems as well. Some of the ways this can be useful are:

      • Use log data to detect a problem, and automatically raise a condition in Orion to take advantage of workflow you've already built.
      • Share knowledge from LEM to Orion without providing access to all of your sensitive security and operations log data.
      • Take advantage of LEM's log data parsing to forward only log events of interest to Orion, instead of asking Orion to store 100% of log data for that one or two events you're interested in in that context."



      What progress has been made on this?


      Thank you.