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    What's New with the Customer Portal

    Matthew Crawford

      You may have noticed recently that there are some style changes ongoing with the SolarWinds Customer Portal. To help make the changes easier on you, here is a rundown of what has changed so far and a sneak peak at what is coming down the pipe.


      Once you login to the Customer Portal, you will see that now there is a top level dropdown navigation in addition to the left hand navigation. This top level navigation has links to all of the resources that are available in the left hand nav.


      We will be removing the left hand nav completely soon in order to create more real estate for relevant information.


      In addition to the navigation moving, the logout link and your SWID have also moved. In the screenshot below you will notice a light gray bar at the top of the page. Your SWID and logout link are now found in in the right hand corner of this light gray bar. Previously, this was on the same dark gray bar as the navigation. This was moved to make room for an expanded navigation in the future.




      customer portal LHN.png



      All of the links that are housed currently on the left hand nav are now available in the top dropdown navigation. This will allow us to remove the left hand nav to give more screen real estate to the actual information and will allow us to continue to expand the customer portal.


      Top Level Menu- New.png


      We have also added filtering by product and license to your license management page. For those of you who own many SolarWinds products, this enables you to limit your view quickly and easily. Even if you only have a few products or licenses in your portal, the feature is extremely useful for focusing on exactly what you need to look at quickly.


      license management page filter.png



      In addition to this change, we are also working to bring updates to the downloads interface to make it more simple and flexible for the expanding family of products SolarWinds now supports.



      In the old interface, each download regardless of version were a single line item. This caused certain product download pages to be very long and difficult to navigate. Additionally, the page only supported Server and Agent Downloads, not allowing it to be very flexible.

      existing choose downloads page.png




      We have now incorporated the notion of Download Type dropdowns that have the ability to store multiple OS versions, product versions and other available download types. In addition to this, the page is now able to categorize downloads as other types than Server and Agent. This will make it much easier to find the appropriate download for your product. We are also planning to continue to add additional download types to these pages over time including the appropriate service packs and hot fixes and documentations links, giving you all of your downloads in one location.


      new downloads details page.png


      WHAT'S NEXT?


      There are additional changes and improvements coming to the portal. One of the next areas of focus will be on the logged in home page. We are planning to move away from the tabbed information areas to give you more useful heads up information.


      This is planned to include information such as your support case summaries, maintenance information, new license information  release candidates, service packs and hot fixes and recent release information. These are many of the items that you are familiar with today, but the display will be updated to make finding the information that you need much quicker and easier.


      We are also planning to streamline the license management page to give a more clear view of your licenses, renewal information, registration information and other data associated with the products that you own.


      More details regarding these changes will be posted in thwack as the changes are more imminent and are released.