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    Storage Manager VNXe Support

    Mike Hale

      So we just heard from our EMC rep that VNXe is not supported in the standard EMC SMI-S provider, but there are apparently plans for their VNXe team to code up their own SMI-S provider.  Blargh.


      Is there any plan to support VNXe through a non-SMIS fashion in the future for Storage Manager?

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          I'm definately interested to know if this goes ahead, there's been talk abaout replacing our fleet of NetApp Filers with VNXe's so having Solarwinds monitoring these with our CLARiiON and VNX's would very handy!

          I thought it strange that they would have developed the VNXe to not been able to use the Standard SMI-S Provider...  (I'm sure they had their reason??)