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    LEM 5.5 - some real issues


         We upgraded from 5.4.0 LEM VM to 5.5. We have a Cisco firewall which was reporting to LEM. It is still apparently, but when I click on the node from the Dashboard, the Connectors widget says that none are installed, even though events are being sent as usual and the graph populates.


         We have a Cisco Ironport M670 which has two logs set to forward as Syslog (User/TCP). After the upgrade I got alerts from the device saying "Log Error: Subscription HTTP_logs: Network error while sending log data to syslog server xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx): [Errno 32] Broken pipe".  So I removed the log subscriptions from Ironport and the Node in LEM and recreated both. I started getting data again. However, after only about 30 minutes, the information for the Node is gone and is claiming that no data has been received for >7 days.

         The Top 10 Users by # of Events widget in the Dashboard still says "No Data for this time range". It's set for 10 minutes.  I have rebooted the appliance.