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    Ops Center Widget - All Events - No data?


         I performed the upgrade from LEM 5.4.0 to 5.5 about an hour ago. One of the new widgets in the Ops Center is Node: All Events. It shows a graph which updates, but no data beneath that and plastered over it is "No data for this time range."  There apparently is data (since there's a graph with multiple changing bars) so what am I missing?  This is a domain controller and the connectors are On (Windows Active Response, Windows Application, Windows System and Vista Security connectors.)

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          nicole pauls



          What do you see if you go to explore > nDepth? Are you getting a red band that says something like "username must be specified"?


          If so, it sounds like you've been hit by an issue we've encountered a few times with the upgrade. Rebooting your LEM appliance will fix it (has to be a reboot, not just a service restart). Either ctrl+alt+del to soft reboot, or use the advanced configuration console on the virtual appliance (type appliance, then reboot, and confirm prompts).


          If that's not it, is it only a problem for this node, or does it happen for other nodes as well?