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    LEM scheduled reports


      My scheduled reports are only recording for one minute.  Example, I scheduled a resource config report to run a report for the time period from 5:00am-4:49a the following day.  It automatically resets to 5:00a-5:01a.  They work fine is I run it manually.  any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          nicole pauls

          Hmm, that's interesting. Do they work as expected when you use the preconfigured times, like "Day: Previous"? Just the "User Defined" is misbehaving?

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              This is what I have set to run automatically.


              cid:image001.png@01CDD84C.36EAE410    cid:image002.png@01CDD84C.36EAE410



              This is what it returns.  It totally resets it to one minute.




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                  nicole pauls

                  So, let me see if I've got this:

                  1. Pick a report
                  2. Go to "Schedule"
                  3. In the task scheduler popup, create a daily scheduled task for 5:45 AM
                  4. Back in the reports scheduler, pick "User Defined" timeframe
                    1. Select 5:00 AM (today) and 4:59 AM (tomorrow)
                  5. Specify an export path and confirm all the settings
                  6. Let the report run tomorrow


                  What happens is the report runs for 5:00 AM (tomorrow - now today) to 5:01 AM (tomorrow - now today), but what SHOULD happen is it runs 5:00 AM (today - now yesterday) to 4:59 AM (tomorrow - now today).


                  By chance, did it run correctly the FIRST day you set it up (so, on 7/28, was the report for 7/27 to 7/28, or was it for the 1 minute on 7/28)? It sounds like what's happening is it's adjusting the date every day and eating the time, where it should leave the time alone and only adjust the date. Not helpful or expected

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                      Originally when the reports were setup we were only running the report for our off hours just to get a feel of it.  When we decided to see a 24hr cycle is where we found this issue.

                      It is only looking at one minute of the start date.  So the reports for the most part come back empty.


                      I have also tried the scenario that you have listed but then it keeps running only that date and time every day.  So on 12/15 it will run a report for 12/12.  If I then change it to “Day: today then it runs the report every day for that time period.


                      I have it currently set for what you have listed and we will see on Friday if I get 2 different reports of 2 of the same reports.


                      Thanks for your help.  I will check back with you on Friday with the results.

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                          nicole pauls

                          I see - you're right about User Specified. What you want is Day: Previous and the 5:00 to 4:59 thingy. I missed that detail.


                          When I try to do what you're doing, I actually get an error, so I'm impressed you got as far as you did. The error is still incorrect/unexpected, so I've reported this to our QA team to investigate.


                          Try checking the .ini file in the "SchedINI" directory (C:\Program files (x86 if 64-bit)\SolarWinds Log and Event Manager Reports\SchedINI). The .ini file will be named with the RPT# for that report. it will contain:


                          RptStartTime=05:00:00 AM

                          RptStopTime=05:01:00 AM


                          Change those to what you want (stop time should be 4:59 AM) and see if it works.