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    NPM using NetBios


      Can anyone tell me why NPM is constantly trying to talk to Cisco switches using NetBios and how I can stop it? I have a setup with 8000 nodes and even though the packets are small, they all add up to putting extra strain on the NPM boxes and the network.

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          NPM is performing DNS name or IP look-ups to keep IP and DNS fields in sync. Reverse look-up is performed for all static nodes during regular node status poll. Forward look-up is performed for all dynamic nodes during regular node status poll. Depending on your Windows configuration, the look-up might be performed using DNS or NetBIOS and you should be able to disable NetBIOS in network protocols configuration for your NIC.


          You can capture a WireShark trace and check if NetBIOS queries for the same IP address are performed every two minutes (node status poll interval). That should confirm that the source of those NetBIOS queries is node status polling in Orion. If that's the case, it is possible to disable NetBIOS in Orion only. You can edit SolarWinds.Orion.Collector.dll.config file located in Orion installation directory (C:\Program Files x86\Solarwinds\Orion) and change this config key value from "true" to "false":


          <!-- Dns resolve can be done by netbios or rDNS-->

          <add key="DnsResolveByNetbios" value="false"/>


          Please let us know the results.

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            Hi Rick,


            We also found this however the issue was not solarwinds persay.  This is a windows server issue, under the advanced tab of the IPV4 setup of the windows server disable the option to use netbios we found this resolved the issue and we no longer saw packets being blocked by our FW.


            Hope this helps