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    Alert reset message not sending consistently


      _Hi again,


      I've got an advanced alert set to monitor nodes and trigger an alert and send an alert message if a node that meets the criteria is down. When criteria is not met the alert is reset and sends reset notification.


      Last night e few nodes went down and came back on about three times at about the same time. I did recive three alert triggered notifications properly for each node. But only recived ONE alert reset message. An that is for the event when nodes came back on the 2nd time. Than they went down again. Got the message and came back on cleared the alert but there was no reset message.


      Node Event summaries for these nodes show:

      3 Node Down events

      3 Node Up events

      3 Alert Triggered events

      3 Alert Reset events


      Any suggestions you may have as to why the two reset messages per node were not sent will be very much appreciated. (There is no delay sending the message set on the alert nor is there a timer for the condition to exist a certain amount of time befoe  the alert gets triggered on this alert.


                                    1st down             2nd down        3rd down

      Down                     4:12 am               4:51 am          4:56 am

      Up                         4:25 am               4:52 am          4:57 am

      Alert msg received     4:26 am              4:53 am          4:58 am

      Reset msg received     no message       4;54 am          no message