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    F5.BigIP.TMSH Changes Pending


      Whenever I use the F5.BigIP.TMSH Device Type and have CatTools login into a Device I end up with a (Changes Pending) when the device was (In Sync) before. I thought maybe it had something to do with the Activity I wrote but I just have the script login and logout and I get a Changes Pending. This is problematic. Anyone else experience the same problem.

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          The problem is the sub-routine "SendPostEnterEnableModeCommands()" modifies the cli preference pager option and changes it to disabled. The sub-routine "SendSessionTerminationCommands()"  then re-enables the pager. Now the F5 sees a change and I have to go in and manually sync the devices. This is very problematic. I have used this to prevent CatTools from changing the cli preference "If Not cl.CurDevType = "F5.BigIP.TMSH" Then    Call SendSessionTerminationCommands()" same for "SendPostEnterEnableModeCommands()". CatTools still logins to the TMOS Shell and then I send a quit command to back out of it and run all my commands with tmsh -q in front which allows me to get the same response as the pager disabled option. Now my devices don't show a changes pending anymore.