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    Does NPM use the MIBs file for regular polling?


      If I am correct, the MIBs.cfg file is used by the Universal Device Poller tool to create custom pollers, but IS NOT used by Orion NPM for normal node, interface and volume polling.


      Is that correct? If so, then where are the MIBs located that are used by NPM for regular polling?


      One more question... how is the polling interval for custom pollers determined?



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          Sohail Bhamani

          You are right.  There is basically 2 mib db's in use here.  The MIBs.cfg file you mentioned is where UnDP gets its information from.  Things like type of counter, trap information, and other such information is stored in this.  This can be updated by you by going to the additional downloads section of your customer portal.


          There is an internal MIB db Orion uses for all of its internal polling and abilities.  This is updated only on updates to the product itself and is controlled by SolarWinds.


          As for the UnDP polling intervals, they should be in the UnDP itself.  If you leave it blank or default, it should use the default Node polling interval (if its node based) or interface polling interface if its interface based custom poller.


          Sohail Bhamani

          Loop1 Systems