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    SNMP Verification Fails on Additional Poller

    Scott Sadlocha

      Hey Community,

      In adding a node today, I encountered a new issue, and thought to ask here to see if I can get any helpful information. I had a request for a node out of our South America operations. This node is a standard PC, not a server, but it is in a role where it needs to be monitored. The system was set up with a static IP address as well as an SNMP string that is valid for the site. The SNMP string is where my issue comes up.


      This node, based on its location, will be set up on one of our additional pollers (of which we have 2), rather than our primary poller. Our environment is set up with all North American nodes (the bulk of our operations) on the primary poller, Europe on a secondary poller, and South America/Asia on another secondary poller. During setup,  I attempt to verify SNMP on the node, using the additional poller, and the SNMP check fails. However, if I switch the poller to the primary poller, the SNMP check is successful. It is just when checking from the additional poller that the issue appears. What makes it strange to me is that if I go to another node that uses the same SNMP string and is polled by the same additional poller, the check is successful.


      The SNMP verification only seems to fail when I use this system with the additional poller. Based on this information, I have to think that there is an issue with the configuration of the node itself, but I am not sure. If anyone has any information that might be helpful, I would really appreciate it. s