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    Physical memory reported incorrectly


      I have a pair of servers that are reporting in one place that they have 2.0GB of RAM, and 6.0GB in another.  The 6.0GB is correct.  So the "Physical Memory" which is referenced by the gauges shows 2.0GB, and the Physical memory listed under volumes with the disk drives show 6.0GB.  Here's an example of what i see:



      So in one pane the memory is 97% used and 33% in the other.  If I click on the Memory Used gauge, I get this graph:


      Total Memory shows in the heading as 2.0GB.  No, it's 6.0.  According to the server guys, the only thing different is that these servers are running Server 2008, but not R2.  Is this a known issue with the collection?  Why are there two places where memory is stored?


      I did find a workaround in the alerting.  If I alert on Physical Memory on the Node, it's wrong.  If I alert on "Volumes", select Volume Type as RAM, the Volume size and percent used are correct.