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    NPM 10.4 Volume Custom Properties


      Much has been said about the new implementation of custom properties, specifically the removal of the custom property editor win32 application.  I have found workarounds for how I work with custom properties that get me through, but i've run into something that is just about intolerable.  Generally going to settings-->Manage Custom Properties-->Select a custom property-->Show assignments gets me 90% of what i need (being able to edit the value for a custom property for multiple nodes).  However, when selecting a Volume custom property, clicking "show assignments" takes you to the Manage Nodes screen with a list of all nodes.  There is no option to group by Volume custom properties.  There is also no option to show Volumes (you can select Nodes or Interfaces).


      Here's the main problem...right now the only way I can look at what volume CPs are assigned is by pulling up database manager and running a query on the Nodes table (SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM [dbo].[Nodes] WHERE <CP> = 'value').  This is not an elegant or user-friendly situation!