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    Alert Filter View


      I currently have a custom poller setup to poll all my Cisco Routers for BGP status (I think I got that poller from the content exchange link).  We are sending alerts if that value is set to 'Idle" or "Active".  The alerts that are being sent out seem to be working fine, however I was asked if there is a way to filter the alert view to just show the BGP alerts.  Right now my alert view has all the alerts showing up and I see how it would be helpful to have it filtered by a certain alert type.  They want to see all BGP alerts on the screen. npm


      It does not look like there is a filter option when I edit the Active Alert View.  I tried to see if there was a way to create a report and then put that on screen but I am having a hard time finding that alert.  I did see a Grouped Alert Report in the content exchange link which is very cool, I like that I can see how many of each alert there is but I want to be able to display all of these specific BGP alerts.


      Anyone have any ideas?