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    Create a folder / directory using TFTP protocol


      Hi guys,


      I would like to know if it possible while transfering a file through TFTP to also place it to a new folder.

      Here is the command I use:


      Cisco-2811#copy runn tftp://A.B.C.D/New_Folder/

      Address or name of remote host []?

      Destination filename [New_Folder/cisco-2811-confg]?

      %Error opening tftp://A.B.C.D/New_Folder/cisco-2811-confg (No such file or directory)


      And the TFTP server log:

      TFTP connected from A.B.C.D on 12/3/2012 12:13:00 PM, binary PUT. Interrupted by client, cause: Could not find a part of the path: 'C:\TFTP-Root\New_Folder\cisco-2811-confg'.


      Thanks in advance!