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    Need Help: New Chart for my Universal Custom Poller




      Currently i have a Summary View for my Environment Check (Humidity and Temperature). I created Universal Custom Poller to get the value from Multiple Nodes. Now with the release of the New version of NPM. i really love the new interactive chart, but the problem is that I can't use it on a Universal Custom Poller in a Summary view. If I put it on the node view it will work, but only the Universal Custom Poller for that node only. I need to put many Universal Custom Poller on one view for easier monitoring.


      Here is my Summary View for Environment Check.


      the chart plain ugly

      I Created a new view. here it is, node detial type of view.


      here the interactive chart works but for 1 node only if i add a chart for a custom poller from another node it doesn't display.


      anyone know how to do it?

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          I think that should be possible by Custom Object Resource (COR).


          Try this:

          1) Add any count of Custom Object Resource (COR) into your view. COR is located under 'Miscellaneous -  Miscellaneous Resources' category. Then click on SUBMIT button.

          2) On the view page customize every your Custom Object Resources separately by clicking on EDIT button.

          3) On Edit resource page select your polled objects type. I guess it is 'Node' for you.

          4) Click on 'Select Object' button and choose one polled node, which are you interesting in.

          5) Set dropdown 'Select object resource' to 'Universal Device Poller Custom Object'.

          6) Click on 'EDIT SETTINGS' button.

          7) Set your universal device poller in 'Left Y-Axis' dropdown.

          8) Optionally set other options.

          9) Click on SUBMIT button.

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            Hi sad_reliever,


            Multiple Universal Device Poller Chart from Multiple Series Charts (Classic Chart Style) group should do the work for you. You can select mutliple nodes for one UnDP and this resource can be placed on summary view.


            Let me know if you need other assistance.