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    Wireless AP reports




      Are there any SQL guru's that could help with a report I am trying to get.


      What we want is a report that shows the number of clients connected to each access point we have for each site in 5 minute intervals.

      The stock reports don't seem to allows us to get this info and I have tried some thing's with the SQL reports but they aren't working.


      Thanks for any help in advance,



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          This is something that should get you started in the right direction:


          select NPM_NV_WL_APS.AP_Name as AP_Name, Count(NPM_NV_WL_CLIENTS.ID) as Client_Count, Datepart(minute, NPM_NV_WL_APS.LastUpdate)/5 as Interval

          From NPM_NV_WL_CLIENTS

          Join NPM_NV_WL_APS on NPM_NV_WL_APS.NodeID = NPM_NV_WL_APS.NodeID

          Where NPM_NV_WL_CLIENTS.Available = 1



          Group by NPM_NV_WL_APS.AP_Name, Datepart(minute,NPM_NV_WL_APS.LastUpdate)/5



          Matthew Harvey

          Loop1 Systems