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    LEM Windows Node Disconnected


      I have a Windows node on my LEM server which has been logging fine, however it's now showing as disconnected in the Manage - Nodes screen and is no longer logging to LEM. The server itself (which is an Active Directory Domain Controller) is up and working fine, nothing's happened to on it or been changed.


      I've tried stopping and starting the agent service on the Windows server, but it's still showing as disconnected.


      Are there any tools / commands I can use from the LEM server to re-establish the connection to this node without having to reinstall the agent ?

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          nicole pauls

          Are you seeing any Internal alerts related to that agent? Anything interesting in the agent log (spoplog.txt in the agent install directory on that server)?


          You can stop the service, clear the files in the "spop" directory, and start the service, and it'll re-initiate a NEW connection, but it might be nice to figure out what happened to the system first.

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              Thanks for getting back to me, from the "spoplog.txt" file on the server there's the following message :


              (Mon Nov 26 16:40:43 GMT 2012) WW:STATUS [GC] Mem free before: 2199920 Mem free after: 23198896 mem total: 31662080


              This is posted in the logs roughly every 29 minutes until 28 Nov  at 06:24.


              Previous the the above message the log only contains the following messages :


              (Fri Nov 23 17:21:52 GMT 2012) WW:WARNING [BuffBytesOneReaderOneWriter v24761] {pool-1-thread-1:36}  CommDataQueue 36 Buffer dump to queue file cancelled;

              (Fri Nov 23 17:21:53 GMT 2012) II:NOTICE [BuffBytesOneReaderOneWriter v24761] {BBS:DequeueToComm-1:32}  CommDataQueue 32 beginRead() -- written buffer not loaded from file. Loading...;


              I've tried stopping the service and deleting the files from the "spop" folder, the node is still showing as disconnected on LEM.


              I had a similar issue when I evaluated LEM a couple of months ago, but I put the disconnecting issue down to the fact that the platform I was running LEM on was under spec'd. So I'd remove and reinstall the LEM agent on the server and that would clear it, but I'm assuming that looses all the historical data for the node in LEM. So I'd much rather resolve this rather than keep having to loose this valuable data.

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                  nicole pauls

                  The historical data for the agent is all saved on the server/appliance, so don't worry too much about reinstalling the agent. If anything you'd just want to double check that it's in the expected tool/connector profile, if you're using them.


                  The spoplog.txt looks like the agent believes it's running, though it may be buffering its data (rather than sending it to the appliance). You might want to check the log right after you restart the agent for any errors - if the agent can't connect, it goes into a decaying reconnect cycle, or it might have had an error at the very beginning and not been able to retry.