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    Enabling Sflow on a HP Procurve 4208



      I recently had a prospect evaluating NTA and was trying to enable sflow on his HP Procurve 4208. Apart from the usual commands (also listed in the Admin Guide), there is one additional step needed to translate physical ports to PVID's needed to enable SFlow on individual ports.


      Sometimes, a switch will log messages for ports that do not appear to exist. For instance, a 24 port 6600 may contain LLDP warnings for ports 49 and 50:


      walkmib ifName command  -this will actually give you all PVID mappings-you don’t have to run it for each port.

      and that will give you an output like this:

      1. ifname.53 = C1
      2. ifname.54 = C2


      and now that you know that physical port C1 is port 53, you can conveniently enter this information (you cannot enter C3 as the port number since it has to be numeric):


      setmib sFlowFsReceiver. -i 1

      setmib sFlowFsPacketSamplingRate. -i 512

      setmib sFlowFsMaximumHeaderSize. -i 128

      setmib sFlowCpReceiver. -i 1

      setmib sFlowCpInterval. -i 30


        Just rinse and repeat the commands in red for every port manually

      Of course, I am assuming that you already have these commands entered already:


      setmib sFlowRcvrAddress.1 -o IP_Address_in_Hex  (this would be IP Address of the NTA server)

      setmib sFlowRcvrOwner.1 -D sFlowtool sFlowRcvrTimeout.1 -i 100000000

      setmib sFlowRcvrPort.1 -i 2055   replace 2055 with whatever port you want to use.