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    PackageBoot.xml does not exist




      I'm having this error when I'm clicking on an Adobe Reader 10.1.4 (Full) on the Adobe Packages under Software Publishing


      The package has been configured to use PackageBoot, however the PackageBoot.xml does not exist.

      To resolve the issue, create a new packageboot.xml file using this editor that references the main source file to execute.


      I might have accidentally deleted or did something which I'm not aware of.

      How do I go about mitigating this issue?



      Shaiful Busari

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          Hi Shaiful,


          delete this package and then synchronize your catalog (Synchronize now!). Package should be downloaded again.


          Let me know if you need any other assistance then,


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              Greetings Pavel,


              Awesomo, you gave me the answer again.

              Was worried to delete because wasn't sure if I'll get back the package again.


              Another question, using Patch Manager v1.8.780.5:

              (Not sure if I should open new thread so other people can refer to topic if they encounter same issue)


              When I first started Patch Manager, for Software Publishing, I've approved different Catalogs which to my dismay are duplicates.

              Under Synchronization Settings >


              1. For Subscription, there is

              • EminentWare Update Catalog
              • SolarWinds Update Catalog

              I'm assuming that its best to select SolarWindows Update Catalog given that they both have the same packages?


              2.  For Trusted Publisher

              • Is it sufficient to just select EminentWare LLC?
              • What is this for? For clients to have the permission to install contents via WSUS or for PM to download contents?


              3. Now that I have multiple duplicate catalogs and unneeded catalogs which I've earlier selected and those that I don't require:

              • How do I remove them? Is there a Cleanup Util?
              • Given that I have existing packages already published, will it affect my existing packages?


              4. Is there a default SolarWinds Adobe Reader for Japanese/Chinese language package?

              • I'm deploying Adobe Reader 10.1.4 and Reader Multi Lingual User Interface 10.1.4 Update
              • The Adobe Reader 10.1.4 gets installed but the Multi Linguage Interface doesn't get's installed (Status on computer shows Not Applicable)



              Shaiful Busari

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                  Hi Shaiful,


                  I will try to answer to your questions.


                  1) EminentWare Update Catalog was renamed to SolarWinds Update Catalog so those two are just different names for the same thing. Even if you check both of them, you will download only one catalog. Having SW Update Catalog checked is enough for correct functionality.


                  2) Trusted publisher is for PM and it will download packages from trusted publishers only. It means that if you select EminentWare LLC you will not download packages from Dell, HP Company or Adobe Systems.


                  3) Duplicate catalogs probably appeared because of old ewfeed.cab which was renamed in later release. There is not any cleaning tool for that. We are investigating how to solve this issue.


                  4) We do not create neither Japanse nor Chinese language packages. This Multi Lingual User interface package is not even from SW so you would need to raise the problem to Adobe. I took a look at the package and as it is created from .msp file applicability rules can not be changed.




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