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    NPM 10.4 - How do I monitor Hardware Health of Dell Servers?

    matt 001

      I've recently upgraded to NPM 10.4, and although my Cisco devices are reporting the newly featured 'Hardware Health' status, none of the Dell servers I administer will display any hardware health.


      When I list resources for my Cisco nodes I get a checkbox for selecting the option to monitor hardware health, however, when I list resources for any of my Dell boxes I don't get this option. Prior to NPM 10.4 I monitored hardware health using custom pollers, these custom pollers are still configured and working OK so I know the servers are capable of delivering this data.

      I've tried customising a node details page by adding the 'Current Hardware Health' resource to see if this will display the information, but nothing is displayed.


      Am I missing something, or is there a fault with my install?


      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated,