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    Trying to get some information for Perl API for Orion



      Where can I get the perdoc for the perl api? Want to know the commands that can be invoked.All I have is the PM.


      I was able to get a small program to run basic queries but whenever I tried the below line, it will give me the following error

      $swis->proxy->ssl_opts(verify_hostname => 0);

      Can't locate object method "ssl_opts" via package "SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Client" at sample.pl line 13.


      I have Soap::Lite and all its prereq installed (ver 0.714). Perl 5.10. But it lets me comment the ssl verification and works without it. Still wondering why it would give that error. BTW, I got the latest PM file from one of the posts in here, so I think I have the right API.