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    10.4 Graphs


      It seems that in the new graphs I can only get 1, 12, and 24 hours views. Is there a way to have it like the previous version where more times and custom settings are available?

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          this is possible. You can customize every new chart:

          1) Add chart which are you interesting in to view.

          2) Click on EDIT button, it is located above chart on the right.

          3) There you can choose any combination of time periods:

               e.g. if you wanna see data for the last week, set option 'Default zoom range' to 'Last 7 Days' and  'Amount of historical data to load' to 'Last 7 days'.

                      Additionally, you can set title to ' Your Chart Name ...' - Last 7 days.  

          4) Click on SUBMIT button.