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    Text To Speech


      I am currently in the process of upgrading our Orion hardware and the underlying operating system it is installed on. We are moving from server 2003 to server 2008 R2.

      In the current configuration we are using text to speech with speakers wired to a usb audio device. This allows certain alerts to be audible throughout the operations area.

      I would love to move to a wireless speaker solution but during my searches I found a note in the Orion administrator guide that doesn't look to be to promising:


      Note: Due to restrictions on Windows service applications, the Text to Speech

      action is not available to Orion installations on either Windows 7 or Windows

      Server 2008 and higher.


      I am assuming that since this was in a recent publication of the guide that this is still true? Is there some way to work around this and if not, what is everyone else doing

      for audible alerts.

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          Leon Adato

          note that (with one exception) all those "audible alert" choices (make a sound, text to speech, etc) all happen ON THE POLLING ENGINE. So unless you have your polling engine in a public place, they are (somewhat less than) useless.


          The only sound-related option worth noting is in the Manage Accounts area, where you can set a sound to play on through the user's browser on alert. It assumes, of course, that the sound file exists in your web server directory (not sure which one off the top of my head) and is pushed down when there is an alert.


          Hope that helps.

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              Before we had an usb audio device on the polling engine that was wired to speakers in the operations area which would play the text to speech so everyone could hear it loud and clear. I did tinker with the .wav files through the web console but it isn't to appealing to move to after what we have been using. It looks like we'll just do without text to speech for now.

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              WRT the note, the Text to Speech limitation comes from Windows. Basically, if I recall correctly, a required service is no longer provided.



              Andrew Pacetti

              SolarWinds Information Development