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    Give us your feedback


      Hey everyone,

      Well, it looks like we've gotten some pretty darn good traction with over 200 registered users of the game. In light of the fact that we pretty much quiet launched only here on thwack... I'm calling that serious success.


      So, what do you think?

      Where does our button masher fall short? Where do we excel?

      What do you want to see in v2?


      Me? I'm still looking for boss mode. Even if my boss was completely involved with the creation of the game, I'm not sure I should be playing it as much as I do here at work .


      Let us know, we're listening!




        • Re: Give us your feedback

          I only made it to round three on my first try. I can see playing this some more when I have a time consuming script running or something like a data migration happening. Pretty cool mix of Space Invaders and Tempest.  (If I could control the space craft with a big ball instead of the arrow keys, I might never get any work done.)