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    SolarWinds Game - SysMan Hero Feedback


      Hello Ambassadors!


      I hope you have all had a chance to play the new SolarWinds game, SysMan Hero!  If you haven't, you can Play SysMan Hero now! You can even drag the game into your bookmarks to play SysMan Hero on ANY webpage.  If you wanna know more info about the game before playing it, than you can read up on it here: Enter the SysMan Hero.


      Once you've had a chance to play, we'd love to get your feedback on it in this discussion thread.


      THANKS and happy gaming!

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          Reminiscent of the Astroids game some 20 years prior to SolarWinds being founded; I found the game to be a great mind-break tool from the daily grind.  I don't recall a leader board or a badge being earned but maybe something that can be added if not currently present.  Fun game and another great addition to the Thwack Community!

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              Darren --


              Glad you enjoyed the game... I jus wanted to circle re: the badges and leaderboard.  If you login to the game, you can see the badges (including the ones that you have earned) under your accounts page.  Just click on your name/pic at the top.  Leaderboard is also available through the top nav. : )  The more you play the higher rank you can achieve...


              Thanks for playing.  And we would love to hear more.  Play on!


              Tiffany Nels