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    Managing Notification List




      We have configured email notifications for Network Performance Monitor and we need to manage the list of recipients.  The one who did the initial config has left, and we are not getting emails to the right people.  I see some emails at the specific event level but we have several dozen specific events set up.  Isn't there a central place to manage the list of notifications?  We are using


      SolarWinds Orion Core Services 2011.1.2

      System Manager Version 2011.1.0

      Orion Network Performance Monitor Engine 2011.1.0


      Thank you!


      Bob Longmire


      Namm of Illinois

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          Zak Kahl

          Hi Bob,


          On the Orion server you will find Basic Alert Manager, Advanced Alert Mansager, Syslog Viewer & Trap Viewer applications.  If you open these up and edit the existing alerts and filters, you will find alert actions.  And you will see the email alerts you are looking for.  Edit these email alerts and you can change the email recipients.


          Let you know if you need any more assistance.


          Zak Kahl