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    Autodeploy LAN, add to NPM and NCM, and collect backup etc


      Hi all


      I´m trying to get a feel for the SDK, which has been on my to-do list for quite some time now, however my lack of sripting knowledge may prevent my success...


      What i´m trying to achieve, is that based on a syslog event, where my switch has connected to our tftp store, and collected a given configiuration, i want to trigger a "add to solarwinds NPM and thus also NCM" event, modifying a few custom properties etc.

      I started to play arround with the script yesterday, and at this point i have a script which (triggered maually) can add the switch to NPM, and set the custom properties i want.

      (btw, im on NPM 10.3.1, and NCM 7.1)


      What i can´t do is..:

      • Get my head arround the password (credentials) part of the script. It constantly prompts me to enter my credentials, which in the automated version won´t really be... automated
      • Parse the ip address from the syslog into the script, and use for IPAdderss="$IP" variable
      • Add to ncm as part of the add script (or add to ncm at all.. )
      • Figure out if i need to do anything with the "IPAddressGUID="0100000a-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"; statement ? (have no clue what this is....)


      Nice to haves ( ) whould be a way to also prevent duplicate nodes.. but for testing it´s acctually quite nice

      I also would like to add interfaces IF some criterias are met, like must be Gig and / or Vlan interfaces, must be up etc

      Trigger NCM inventory and "standarlization scripts" afterwards would be add-ons


      I´m attaching the script as is - Hoping that someone will give me some guidance