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    Advanced Alerts


      I want to configure alerts to show the name of the router/node and the name of the specific interface that is down in the e-mail?  Should this be done in the "Alert me when a node goes down" or "Alert me when a interface goes down"?


      In the "Alert me when a node goes down," I have the variables for the message set up like this:  Alert: ${InterfaceName} on ${NodeName} is ${Status}.  I'm basically trying to find out the name of the interface, the node name, and the status.  However, when I test out the alert with my e-mail using "Alert on Network Node" my alert looks something like this: Alert: Router 1 on Router 1 is Up.  (The real router name has been replaced with Router 1.)  Shouldn't the text in the e-mail alert look something like this: Interface S/0/0/0 on Router 1 is Up?  Why is the interface replaced with the name of the router? 

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          I usually find it best practice to copy an existing alert and rename it to something else and then edit that rather then changing the stock alerts. I have had times when years later it would have been nice to have the stock alert to build off of and it had been locked hacked into something else. Along the same lines I also find it best practice to preface my alerts with the module name followed by a shorter, yet still descriptive name. For example, I would name the alert you are asking about as follows: "NPM: Router Down". I just find it redundant to have "Alert me when" since in generally assumed that when creating and ALERT it will ALERT you : )


          With that being said Page 391-396 of the Orion NPM Admin Guide (http://www.solarwinds.com/documentation/Orion/docs/OrionAdministratorGuide.pdf) will help you with the correct variables. I think you need to change $(InterfaceName) to ${Interfaces.FullName}.


          I think the final text you will want is as follows: Alert: ${Interfaces.FullName} on ${Nodes.Caption} is ${Nodes.Status}.


          Give that a try and see what happens.

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              I looked over the Orion NPM Admin Guide.  I did not see ${Interfaces.FullName}.  Is this different than ${InterfaceName}?  Also, in Advanced
              Alerts, is it possible to choose the interfaces on each router like in the Basic Alert?  What would be the most logical way to do this in Advanced Alerts?  Or should I just use the Basic Alerts for this?

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                I have a basic alert to "Reset Alert when Interface Status is Up."  However, I did not receive an e-mail to let me know that the interface is up again.  (I received an alert when it went down.)  Is there anything else in the Basic alert that I need to do to receive e-mails when interfaces are back up again?

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                Hi jkevoian,


                predefined alert "Alert me when an interface goes down" will do the work for you. Just replace variable ${InterfaceName} with ${Caption} or ${FullName} depending on which one is more suitable for you. I will check the issue with ${InterfaceName}. Anyway I would recommend to create and edit the copy of the alert so the original alert is not changed and can be used later.