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    Issues and concerns with custom property editor in  NPM 10.4


      I'm currently playing around with the custom property editor within the web interface and I am really struggling to accomplish what I would do in 10.3 version.  I will explain what I am trying to do maybe someone who is more versed in 10.4 can help me out.  Basically we have a custom property called alert_vol where we specify a text string to alert on specific volumes for a specific client.  This client also has two other custom properties attached to the node used to distinguish / separate them from the other ones(eg. property client = client A) .  What I am trying to do is determine what volumes have which string in the alert_vol and add any that may be missing.  Previously how I would do this is that I would just go to the custom property editor application and the  volumes section then apply a node based filter for custom property to single out the single client (client A).  At that point I would be able to scroll through the volumes and see what was applied where and copy and paste any required changes.


      What I am seeing with this so far in 10.4 is that when I click on the volume property and try and choose nodes I am only able to filter based on very select things including only node custom properties as well as nodes them selves.  This doesn't really work because I don't need to scroll through hundreds of nodes that aren't even in the picture at all.  Further more I don't even get the point of show assignments button since all it does is redirect me to managed nodes page where I can't do anything to do with volumes at all.  This is really frustrating because I built our system out relying heavily on node, interface and volume properties and now I don't feel like I even have an eye into it at all.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Am I not utilizing this web interface properly or is it really as limited as I think it is?


      Also does anyone know  if it is possible to still use the old custom property editor?  Is there by chance some sort of hack way to accomplish this?

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          I totally agree about the pain of losing the Custom Property editor.  I don't think SW thought about the power of that tool.  To be honest, it's what made administration of large NPM deployments possible.  Without it, I seriously don't know what I am going to do.  I can't click through hundreds of interfaces and nodes for certain types of information.  I have a global deployment of Orion with over 8 pollers and thousands of objects.  Web will not cut it and neither will the approach of the 10.4 editor. . .


          Here is the problem, the current web based approach is to "sort then manage customer properties."  This is the totally wrong approach and is mostly useless.  I need to be able to "sort then manage my nodes and interfaces" and then assign the customer properties.  I don't create a customer property and then pull nodes into it.  I sort for a certain qualifier on a node or interface (perhaps on an existing custom property) and then tag a new custom property to it.  Furthermore, if I change one custom property, it usually means others assigned to that object need changing.  I can no longer do this on one screen and in seconds like I could with the old tool.   


          Most importantly, the old tool let me see at a glance, let's say, how often I polled a certain type of interface by sorting to display only that interface type.  After I filtered (which had great flexibility, far more than the web does) and got what I wanted to see (which often times had NOTHING to do with customer properties), I could drop in the fields that interested me (again, missing that in the web version) for viewing, like polling frequency settings. 

          I could point out dozens of scenarios that are similar to this one. 


          The Custom Property editor was soooo much more than a tool to edit custom properties.  Please bring it back ASAP.  10.4 was so important to us for so many reasons, but I have to seriously consider downgrading if we cannot resurrect one of the most useful tools NPM ever had. . . Customer Property editor. 

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              Attempting to use the old Win32 custom property editor will corrupt the database and we strongly recommend users do not attempt to do this.


              We made some mistakes with the migration to the web. We've received a lot of feedback once 10.4 was out. Unfortunately it was too late to make any changes in that release. Since then we have been hard at work updating the web CPE. I think you will find it much more similar to how the Win32 app worked and solves specific problems about multiple filtering and working with volumes.


              The NPM 10.4.1 RC should be available in your customer portal. I recommend you install it and provide feedback so we can make sure we have addressed your concerns. If it hasn't, let me know and we'll make sure to keep working until we've got it right.

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              Having issues also....Just tried for the first time to do am Import as the only way I can see to do bulk edits is by exporting then importing. The Import feature, function, bug??? does not work. No matter what file type I try and use it says it is not the correct file type. I will be adding this to my list of ticket with SW Support for 10.4 issues....

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                Well....In retraction, the issue (no big surprise) was IE.....The file error did not occur in Firefox or Chrome. AS to the use of the Custom Property Editor it is similar to the server based editor. You can still accomplish the same function in the new Web Based editor.....In conclusion, the editor is different only in the look and feel, not the function