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    About additional web server




      How many user access if we should need "additional web server" for NPM and NTA, NCM ?

      Please let me know guide line when we need "additional web server".

      Or, please let me know your envirioment (number of user access) if you are using additional web ?



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          Leon Adato

          I've always used an additional web server more to offload that overhead from the primary poller than because of any concern about the number of users on the site. So the operative question (in my mind) is: How hard will the primary poller be working to handle the actual monitoring load for NPM, NTA and NCM.


          Do you have any sense (number of devices monitored on NPM; Amount of data sent by NTA; number of devices backed up by NCM (and when the backups will occur) of the load that server will be handling?