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    E-Mail attachment deactivate

    ssp europe



      I´m using Kiwi Cat Tools 3.6. I get the report logs via mail notification, in this mail is a table with the status of my backup devices and an attachment with the same status as .zip or as .htm:




      I didn´t find the option to deactivate the attachments in Kiwi because I don´t want to get the status report twice as mail and as attachment.


      Can you help me here please?




      SSP Europe

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          Steve Welsh



          There are a couple of options you can deselect within the activity setup to stop reports being attached to emails.


          1) To stop the attachment of the summary report (i.e the report that tells you the status of each device), uncheck the 'Attach additional report with sortable columns' option in the activity setup E-mail tab.

          attach summary report.jpg


          2) To prevent the Diff reports (ConfigChanges.zip) from being attached, uncheck the 'Attach reports to e-mail' option in the activity setup Options tab.

          attach diff reports.jpg

          Hope this helps,