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    Consistent support for SNMPv3 in Engineers Toolset tools


      I am setting up a configuration for a client that will be implementing SNMPv3.  Ran into several problems and found out that the cause was the tools in the Engineers Toolset.  Upgraded from 10.8 to 10.9 - really didnt like the change in interfaces.  Like it the way it was.


      For the customer in question, we were going to implement AES 256 in SNMPv3.  Most of the tools only supported AES 128.  Inconsistent support for 192 bit.  Ran into a problem where I could add 256 bit AES under Credential Manager and the connection would test out ok but when I tried to use 256bit with a device using SNMP Realtime Graph, the connection wouldnt come up.  Due to the time constraints of the project I am working, I am rewriting my configurations to use AES 128 since that seems to be consistent in terms of working.  Would appreciate development addressing this when befure the next release of Engineers Toolset.


      This is an issue mostly because Orion/NCM/NPM wont initially be running and we need a way to validate that SNMPv3 is working in case there is a problem with Orion/NCM/NPM.


      I didnt have any problems with the Cisco switch I was testing against.  Seemed to mostly have issues with the ASA.  Not able to look at the Cisco Bug Toolkit to see if there are any issues with SNMPv3 256 bit and the 8.2.5 code that I am testing against.