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    Polling Technical Details


      Hello all,

      Could some one tell me or point me to documentations of technical detail how Orion does its polling cycles(ICMP and SNMP)?  I currently have 6205 elements monitored by a single Orion server and polling is set at 130 second across the board.   What I need to know is does Orion initiate its polling and pinging process to all the nodes and elements at once, for example in my case at the begining of each130 seconds time interval? I am tasked to stagger the polling process in our environment so knowing how Orion does it would greatly help me. Thank you!




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          All polling Orion does, either polling or statistics is based on two things.  1 - the polling and statistics intervals you have set and 2- the nextpoll time of the device.  This sets up when the device will be polled again.  This ends up causing a staggering of polling as not everything has the same nextpoll time, so not everything is getting polled at the exact same time.  You can see the nextpoll in the Node Details page of a node under the Polling Details resource.  Now, when it comes to ICMP and SNMP polling, these are two different intervals.  ICMP and status polling is what is set with the 130 second polling interval.  The SNMP statistic collection is set by the statistics collection interval, which by default is 10 minutes for nodes, 9 minutes for interfaces, and 15 minutes for volumes.



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