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    Jacarta InterSeptor Temparature Alert



      We have a Jacarta InterSeptor Temperature and Humidity Monitor. I am trying to
      set up an Alert within Alert Manager that looks at the Temperature Poller and
      sends an alert when the temperaute reaches a specified value.

      I can't seem to get the alert to trigger no matter how low I set the trigger
      temparature value.

      My alert Trigger condition is set up as follows;

      Trigger Alert when ALL of the following apply

      Poller Name is equal to inSeptsensorMonitorDeviceTemperature

      VALUE is greater than or equal to 200

      Do not trigger this action until condition exists for maore than 10 seconds

      The current Value is 206 so i would expect the alert to trigger and send an
      email. Note we have tested the alert and email is working.

      Note the UDP records value of temperature without the decimal point. We have
      created a transform for the purposes of displaying in the Orion Sumary page. Eg
      a value of 212 = 21.2.

      Any help or advice would be greatly apreciated.